Friday, February 6, 2009

Let's Bowl - Rachel

Ok, I thought I would try something completely different. I saw a really great photo of a bowling ball and bag and decided to try my hand at drawing it. Incidently, the initials on the bag "GQ" stand for gutter queen, because that's what my girlfriends called me the last time we went bowling. :-( Oil pastel on paper


  1. My pastels look like crayon... maybe it's because they're from the kids art kit. Of course, user error could also account for a lot since I have never used them before.

  2. Good for you Rachel! It's always interesting see what happens when you branch out. This is such a nice and sweet drawing. Oil Pastels - Cray-Pas are fantastic in their variety. There's no error in it looking like a crayon (they are crayons)! When I use them, I end up rubbing so hard that they break or I break them to use the smooth surface or an edge. If your kiddos don't mind you trashing their set...go for it!!

  3. I like the effect too,Rachel. I have old crayons like rocks...maybe I can shave them.