Monday, March 2, 2009

Sketch - Rachel

I created this sketch in photoshop from a picture I took and decided to post it. This was my first attempt and I really liked the results. I hope to post periodically with new projects and different techniques I try. Two days into March, I miss daily art.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lone Tree - Amy

Doing the Daily Art was such a fantastic experiences. It met and exceeded my expectations. A great part of my gratitude goes to Rachel and Susan and Vibeke, for their willingness to share a part of themselves. It was like getting a gift each day.

At the beginning of the month, after I posted something, I would instantly have feelings of dread and fear of exposure. My self critic was in full form. As the days passed, those feelings began to abate.

I hope that we can continue to use this site as a viewing place for future work.

Thanks again - Amy

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Self in Pastels-Susan Kimball

Couldn't let the last day go by without doing something that Amy and Rachel inspired me to attempt. Thank you all for a wonderfully transformational month! I'm deeply honored to have been asked to participate and look forward to any future we might have. Thank you!!

February Through My Eyes - Rachel

It's been a great month with you gals, and I hope we can continue to post and communicate. I have treasured sharing your art and trying my hand at my own. It seemed only fitting that today, the last official day of Daily Artwork for 2009 I should reflect on the time I spent and the projects I created. As my final post of February I felt that a self-portrait was needed. Here's my first attempt at a montage created in Photoshop. Cheers to a great month!

Rustic Doodle-Susan Kimball

I missed my 1st day yesterday and am sorry. Had every intention but was very busy and as I fell asleep realized I didn't get something in. Found this at a small sawmill yesterday and it caught my fancy.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spider with dinner - Vibeke Johnson

I do find myself oddly drawn to these beautiful, horrific creatures. And it seems that other people are too...

Spring in Miniature - Rachel

I couldn't resist these buds and blossoms, wet from a nights rain and glistening in the morning sun. Here you see the tree in miniature hanging from a bud, ready to bloom.

Rust - Amy

We have an old decaying wheelbarrow in our backyard and thought it would make an interesting subject this morning. Mother nature sure is an impressive artist!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Up-side-down Daughter - Vibeke Johnson

Shutters - Rachel

Drive by shutters - had to pull a u-turn to go back for these.

Sorry about missing yesterday - obscenely long and exhausting day.
Susan, I too hope that we can keep in touch once the month is done. Amy, I like the idea of continuing, albeit on a slightly less frequent posting basis.

Zen Stem-Susan Kimball

Took this on a walk-wanted to try a drawing but ran out of time. We are too...not too many days left until the end of the month! Hope we stay in touch.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Waiting - Vibeke Johnson

Hawaiian Orb Spider awaits the arrival of her next meal.

mother and daughter 2 - Amy

oil pastels on paper

I wanted another go at this image. A mom and daughter having that connection that occurs in small moments during the day. Technique wise - I had to just "let it go" my critical notion of the correct body formation.

Abstract of Shadows-Susan Kimball

Taken today in a park. What am I?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snail's Pace - Rachel

Finally a live subject who stays in frame until the session is complete! ;-) I was photographing this snail as he made his way across my porch and thought he needed a leaf to set off his color better; lo and behold, I find more snails. Had to use PS to get the "clean" image of both together. Amazingly tiny and transluscent - all three ended up in my green waste bin at the end of the session.

On my shelf - Amy

I attempted to find some inspiration in my office. This is my "marriage problems" section.

Electic Pole in Charcoal-Susan Kimball

I made this charcoal drawing from another drive by shot of the electric pole. Liked the angles and lines.

mother and daughter - Amy

oil pastel on paper

We were having some internet problems last night, so I could not upload. I might play around with this image.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Marbleous - Rachel

I just really like the way marbles look!

Pear in Pastel-Susan Kimball

Finally broke out the pastels and did my 1st still life of the year of an old pear I found in the fridge. Thanks you guys for inspiring me. Pastels are messy though...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joy of Flight - Rachel

I just finished this moments ago. This is from one of my favorite pictures of Kaitlyn back in 2006. She was so blissful flying her kite and running free. I smile just thinking of it. Here's my interpretation of is in oil pastel and crayola on paper.

Abandoned - Susan Kimball

Old and abandoned church.

avocado - Amy

Oil Pastel on paper

Yet another food that I absolutely love. They were on sale at Gene's Fine Food here in Pleasanton and I just could not resist. I could go on and on about the ways I like to eat them (a simple pleasure is to use the cup from the removed pit to hold a pit of soy sauce. scoop and enjoy) but I also enjoy their look.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Green Glass and Red Rocks - Rachel

I see a swirling galaxy in a glass. What do you see?

Drive-By Art - Susan Kimball

Took this out the car window today and tweaked it with Picasa.

Figs - Amy

Oil Pastels on paper

What else can I say?? I love figs!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Game Play - Rachel

I was playing with the dominos again, and again using long exposures and movement.
Posting twice today since I missed yesterday.

Double Vision - Rachel

Two different methods of seeing double... photoshop with Kaitlyn and lengthy exposure and light for Douglas. Sorry about missing yesterday - long LONG day and fell asleep when I meant to get online.

self-portrait - Amy

soft pastels on paper

It came out a bit sadder looking then I intended. I wanted to play with flesh colors and I am not as familiar with using soft pastels - boy what a mess they make!

Through the Glass Darkly-Susan Kimball

Photo I took today.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Abstract Play-Susan Kimball

I combined watercolor with a basic photoshop layering for play and practice. I still have no clue what I'm doing but it's more than before, lol!

Pollys at Play - Amy

Scanner Art

This is my kickoff to scanner art (thanks Susan!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunset and Silhouette - Rachel

I can't resist clouds in the sunset, pair that with a good silhouette and I'm there. Didn't have much time today, but I took this to share.

Love Shutters-Susan Kimball

OK, this may look really silly but is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I'm finally starting to experiment with photoshop (thank you Rachel) and here's an early result. Yeah!

The girls - Amy

Oil Pastel on Paper

Sorry for not uploading yesterday. I started this at work and my office does not have the best lighting so I could not see what I was doing. I love the breast for being the ultimate multitasker body part - sexual, sensual, purposeful, nurture, social cause, source of power, pain. loss and envy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roseburst - Rachel

Tonight I was playing with light, shutter speed and zoom. Here's what I came up with when I put them all together.

Floating at Dawn-Susan Kimball

Took this at dawn-misty shot that made the dock look like it was floating in air.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bamboo and the Moon-Susan Kimball

Back to practicing bamboo which you might be wondering why so much-once I really learn the strokes I can make so many more things in Chinese watercolor. I'm using up "practice" rice paper which is much harder to control than even newsprint but I'm not giving up.

Calla Lily - Rachel

I took this during a break in the rain.

Geisha - Amy

Oil Pastel on Vellum

I did this drawing this morning in between making potatoes and doing the dishes. The image is from a photo I took while traveling in Japan.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Domino - Rachel

Anyone up for a game? I played with solorizing these dominos to interesting effect.

father, son and coach - Amy

I took this shot 11 months ago at a birthday party and it is one of my favorite pictures. I kinda like the backs of heads, especially when the rest of the image may give some hint of what may be going on in front. I also like the male energy and connection - father, son, and coach.

I'll be honest, I was not in the mood to do much creating today. My daughter had to attend a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and it zapped me of my energy. I think that I longed for this moment of connection that I felt in this picture.

Shepherds in the rain, Tunisia - Vibeke Johnson.

After school there is always more to do if you live in rural North Africa...
I sat in a car, safe from the rain, as they walked by, and then the sun came out. Click.

Valentine's Day on the Town- Susan Kimball

Grabbed this last night as we walked through town. It's the back of a horse and carriage. So very romantic as it sped by us.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Filoli - Amy

I was going through some old photos and found this one taken at Filoli Gardens. I did this rather quickly for me. I'm going to try to go more abstract as a goal.

Wine and Roses - Rachel

Happy Valentine's Day. Here's my foray into watercolors - I found a really neat metalic watercolor set and couldn't pass it up. Sorry to have missed posting on Friday - I had a sick kid who distracted me from my projects. Hope everyone has a good day.

Lake Dora Day Ending-Susan Kimball

Taken last night on our weekend getaway. I have been drawing too but no way to download onto the computor. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lilly - Amy

This is a photo of my cat Lilly, a lovely muted Calico with tons of personality. My favorite spot on her is the spot on her chin. She loves to get her belly rubbed and is often found on her back.

I wanted to draw today but had many excuses to avoid it (had to help out in the Kinder class and I am now drained from the Kinder class, need more white oil pastel).

It is good to have Vibeke join in!

Elvia with mirror - Vibeke Johnson

So being about half-way into February, I will now try to contribute as I told Amy I would. I photograph behind-the-scenes documentary stuff and love capturing people at the point when they have forgotten I am there with a camera...