Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Oil Pastels on paper

I did not have too much time today to do some daily art today. When I went shopping, I saw this pepper and thought it would be a fun subject - something that I love (especially in guacamole form) I have painted peppers in the past, so it was a "safer subject."


  1. Amy - I speak as a pepper aficionado - good capture of the pepper here. I really like the way you capture the shading and light. Mmmm, makes me want tacos!

  2. Rachel, I think I see a theme here...Amy's art makes you hungry, lol! I really like this too. Never occurred to me to look for something at the store to turn into art. I have a really hard time with stilllifes. Really pushes my perfectionist button. Maybe, I'll be a copycat. This is great!

  3. I love the jalapeño... Great blog too, I followed :-)

    I would really love permission to use that picture on my blog Tomus when I do a post on jalapeños. You will of course get recognition and a link back here.

    Leave me a message on latest Tomus post if I may.