Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My game plan

Now I am really excited about doing this! So far Rachel and Susan have committed and I hope that Vibeke joins in. I am looking forward to seeing their work.

I am trying to sort out my game plan to this assignment. Some suggestions that have helped me in the past include:

1. Shoot a roll of film in 2 minutes
2. Don't take photos from your standing eye level
3. Keep a journal of images that seemed interesting - do this daily
4. Have your camera with you at all times
5. Paint every day
6. Don't end an art session unhappy with your results - stick it out
7. Spend time with an image or color that you don't like or understand
8. Look at art
9. Find the gesture
10. Be aware of the background

I am sure that there are more tidbits. I will see if any other things come up.

I have learned that my paint supply is in disrepair (they don't store well in my garage) and that it is too cold to paint outside. My indoor space seems to have been taken over by the music gear. I cant stand my camera lens. I might look into renting one. I also hope that we can find some time to pay attention to our daughter this coming month! Enough kvetching!

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